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Relationship Repair Tools and Couples Communication Exercises

Wondering how to save your marriage? The ultimate D.I.Y. self-help toolkit for interpersonal relations, the Relationship Repair Game guides you through a specific conflict, while building valuable communication skills and relationship repair strategies for all relationships, including our relationship with ourselves.

The Relationship Repair Game
(Card Deck + Instruction Booklet)

How do we learn the essential skills to resolve conflicts and navigate relationship challenges?  The relationships themselves are the teachers...we learn, (sometimes through painstaking trial and error), as we find our way into and through conflicts that arise within ourselves, with our partners, family, friends and co-workers. 

The Relationship Repair Game was designed to ease that process, to be a bridge across the uncertain waters of relationship difficulties by providing specific, practical tools and guidance that can be applied in the moment.  As we use these relationship repair tools and skills in our lives, we learn and integrate them, building our overall capacity for healthy inter-dependence in all future relationships.

Breaking Through: The Relationship Repair Game
from 30.00

This boxed set comes with 78 cards, each one with original artwork and a specific, practical relationship skill, as well as a 32 page instruction booklet. The cards are printed with a matte finish on high quality full color card stock.  Your purchase options:

  • Buy the game (boxed set) for $30
  • Buy a four pack for $100, save $20 and give 3 away as gifts!
  • For $5 you can purchase a digital file PDF download of 22 (watermarked) cards and 32 page instruction booklet.  Your $5 will go towards a future purchase if you decide to buy the game.
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Inter-dependence is the balance between our sense of autonomy (our ability to have, know and choose our own thoughts, feelings and actions) and our sense of connection (caring for, considering, and being close with others and community). Our ability to thrive in relation to others depends highly upon our proficiency with these skills of inter-dependence. 

Unfortunately the required skills are rarely taught or role modeled, and difficult to learn by reading books or talking about relationships.  We learn by doing them; trying out the new skills or responses in our relationships.

The Relationship Repair Game increases our success, describing the skills with clear, specific directions, such as "say these words to the other this activity...ask yourself these questions..."

There are multiple ways to use the cards, whether using them by oneself for reflection, guidance and coaching or using them with other people to practice or work through a conflict.

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Want to purchase the deck locally and avoid shipping costs?  Here are some retail stores:

New Renaissance Bookstore, Portland, OR

Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, OR