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Tools for Conflict Resolution, Conlict Transformation and Couples Communication

The couples communication exercises and conflict resolution strategies and techniques in this card deck help you improve communication with anybody in your life.  It includes 78 effective tools and processes used in Conflict Resolution, Couples Counseling, Family Mediation, Therapy, Psychology and Relationship Coaching.  The card text and original artwork inspire reflection, personal transformation, and growth in our approach to interpersonal relations.

The Relationship Repair Game is a collection of some of the most effective conflict resolution tools and relationship repair strategies used by Mediators, Counselors, Therapists, Social Workers, and Life Coaches.  Whether you are looking for couples communication exercises or workplace conflict tools, this game guides you through your current conflict while building valuable communication skills for all relationships.


A 78 card-deck, each card with:

  • Specific, practical skills to resolve,
    transform, and heal conflict.

  • Stirring original artwork to inspire self-reflection and innate wisdom.

Includes a 32 page instruction booklet.

Explore the multiple ways to use the card deck,
whether by yourself or in dialogue with others.

See and order color prints of some of the images from the card deck.

Find further resources and support for relationship repair, healing and transformation.

What Types of Tools are in the Card Deck?

The challenges, wounds and growth opportunities of interpersonal relations live in the body, mind and spirit.  The Relationship Repair Game engages each of these realms: Users are guided in a range of responses to conflict, including internal inquiry and reflection, feeling and sensing, verbal communication, nonverbal expression, writing, drawing, music, movement, meditation, moving energy, and practical, physical tasks.

The relationship skills contained in many self-help and personal growth books and cards have inspirational cues such as "Speak your Truth" and "Develop Compassion"; yet are unclear about how and what we actually do.  We have designed the Relationship Repair Game tools to be directly applicable, with options you can tailor to your own relationship.

Some of the broad categories of these skills and processes include:

  • Active Listening Skills
  • Validating Emotions
  • Authenticity without Blame
  • Utilizing Intentions/Goals
  • Empathy for Self and Others
  • Transforming Anger / Guilt
  • Approaching as a Team
  • Using a Peace Pause
  • Do No Harm Commitments
  • Making Specific, Direct Requests
  • Developing Forgiveness
  • Embracing the Shadow
  • Separating Intent from Impact
  • Discerning Past Resentments
  • Making Clear Boundaries
  • Developing Acceptance
  • Healing Attachment Issues
  • Taking Accountability
  • Re-writing the Story
  • Releasing Energy in the Body
  • Confronting Cognitive Distortions
  • Surrendering Control
  • Challenging Core Beliefs
  • Transforming Triangulation
  • Interrupting Argument Cycles
  • Healing Childhood Wounds
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Self-Soothing/Calming Techniques